Smart and Worthwhile Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades


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Whether or not you are a passionate home chef, the kitchen is still the center of your home. It’s where you spend time in the morning before you head off to work. It’s also where your kids gather each morning to eat their breakfast and they tend to hang around there after school for a snack and to do their homework. When company is over it is in the kitchen where everyone seems to linger while appetizers are being prepared and the main meal is still cooking.

It only makes sense that since the kitchen is the hub of your home, if you do have some extra money, spending it to make improvements in this space makes a lot of sense. There is one area of your kitchen, your cabinets, which store all of your kitchen accessories, food items, and cookware. Making some basic enhancements to your kitchen cabinets will help to more efficiently store your items and make your kitchen a more pleasant place to hang out.

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If your kitchen is a typical one, your cabinets are probably overflowing. There are many different items in which you can invest to organize your cabinets and make good use of the space available. Kitchen cabinet organizers can take many different forms. One such organizer is called a turntable and also commonly known as a lazy Susan. If you have brand new kitchen cabinets there is a good chance that these rotating surfaces are built into the cabinets probably in a corner area. If you have cabinets that have been there for a while, you can purchase separate units that you can place within your cabinets. Turntables can be either single level or multilevel and they are great for storing related items such as nested cookware or for bottles of seasonings and spices. The spinning action allows you to quickly access everything on the various levels.

Another type of cabinet organizer literally transforms your shelves into drawers. This obviously requires you to do some work by installing drawer hardware into your cabinets after you remove the shelves. When you are done, you have pull-out drawers into which you can place anything that was on the shelves but the access to those items is a lot easier and more efficient. You don’t have to worry about losing something in the back of the cabinet because with a simple pull you can access any item desired. If they are deep drawers, pegboard organizers will help stabilize cookware or plates that could slide around in the drawer. What is so great about pegboard organizers is that you can instantly create a custom storage solution by placing the pegs anywhere you need them in the cabinet drawer.

One other upgrade that you can make to your cabinets that will enhance your kitchen experience immensely is to install soft close cabinet hardware. What is so great about this hardware is that within minutes you can go from having banging, annoying cabinets to quiet, soft close cabinets. For a few dollars each you can buy these soft close adapters from kitchen supply websites or at a bricks-and- mortar kitchen store. All that is required for installation is to place the hardware on the inside corner of your face frame cabinet doors, insert one screw to stabilize the unit and voila, you’ve instantly converted head-banging cabinet doors to quiet closing cabinet doors. There is also a knob that will allow you to adjust the closing rate so that it works perfectly for your cabinet doors. You’ll be amazed at the affordability of this upgrade as well as the calming effect it will have on your kitchen environment.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make some positive changes to your kitchen. Investing in cabinet organizers and soft close door hardware will just add to the enjoyment of spending time in your favorite room of the house.


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